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Resolving A Broad Range Of Disputes Through ADR

Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC, assists corporations, public interest organizations, federal, state and local governments, Indian tribes and individuals in resolving complicated disputes through mediation or other alternative methods of dispute resolution. We specialize in solving complex and seemingly intractable disputes and have mediated with the largest corporations in the United States.
We also have a major focus on natural resource, environmental and public policy disputes frequently involving large numbers of stakeholders. We have facilitated policy dialogues and guided parties in reaching new and often historic resolutions of decades-old standoffs. We have assisted in the resolution of major water rights disputes in every corner of the United States. We are also highly respected mediators in Indian Country.

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Firm Overview

Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC, offers a full range of alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation, arbitration, facilitation/consensus building and complex litigation management. We strive to provide high quality, energetic and ethical dispute resolution services that efficiently meet the needs of every participant or client based on the circumstances of their dispute at the time services are provided.

We pride ourselves in developing a strategy that fits the dispute and constantly adjust our style of mediation to meet the needs of the parties as the circumstances dictate. Rather than focus on a single style of mediation, we practice Analytical Mediation, which synthesizes many different mediator strategies. Its foundational principle is that the mediator adjusts his or her style based on the needs of the parties. This approach affords the mediator the greatest opportunity for creativity and maximizes the likelihood that participants will achieve a durable and creative resolution that addresses their needs.

Whether the matter is an employment dispute related to wrongful discharge or a claim for hundreds of millions of dollars, we bring the same level of effort and attention to every matter.


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