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Commercial Arbitration And Mediation

Fortune 100 companies and their legal counsel frequently seek Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC, to resolve difficult commercial disputes. Attorney John Bickerman has spent tens of thousands of hours mediating and arbitrating disputes totaling billions of dollars.

Our commercial mediation practice involves many different areas, including:

 • Asbestos claims and other mass torts

 • Pharmaceutical claims

 • Construction disputes

 • Insurance disputes

 • Zoning and land use

 • Contract disputes

 • Intellectual property

 • Product liability disputes

The cornerstones of our approach include thorough preparation and a willingness to adapt to the needs and goals of the parties.

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Managing Complex Commercial Litigation

We are a full-service company committed to the timely and efficient resolution of complex, multimillion-dollar disputes. In addition to mediation and arbitration, we offer complex litigation management. In complex litigation management, we may be appointed by the court as a special master or by the parties as a neutral. In these roles, we can oversee discovery, assist in trial preparation and smooth the process that may facilitate a resolution.


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