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Mediation assists parties to a conflict reach agreement through negotiations. Corporations, governmental bodies, tribal governments and individuals look to Bickerman Dispute Resolution, PLLC, to mediate intricate, costly disputes. With decades of experience in this field, we know what our clients expect from the mediation process and understand that our job begins the minute we accept a case and does not end until the parties reach a binding resolution.
We take an analytical approach to mediation. Above all, analytical mediation involves adapting to fit the needs of the parties, understanding that our style may need to change many times over the course of the mediation process. This approach offers the greatest opportunity for the parties to reach innovative, durable resolutions.

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John Bickerman is an experienced arbitrator of contract claims, coverage disputes and environmental disputes. In addition to general commercial disputes, because of his expertise in insurance law, he has been a frequent arbitrator of asbestos disputes under the Wellington Agreement. He has served as a party arbitrator and the neutral. He is a member of CPR's National Panel of Distinguished Neutrals and has served as a mediator in AAA mediations.
In addition to solo and panel arbitrations, Mr. Bickerman is knowledgeable about the many other variations of arbitration including Final Offer Arbitration (Baseball Arbitration), High-Low Arbitration, and Med-Arb. He will work with the parties to design the arbitration process which will best fit their needs.

Complex Litigation Management

Extremely complex difficult-to-settle multi party cases can benefit from the use of complex litigation management in which a court-or-party appointed neutral third party, or special master, assists the litigants with discovery, trial preparation and settlement strategies. In some cases, the neutral can make recommendations on contested issues that the trial court can adopt or reject.

Facilitation/ Consensus Building

A neutral third party assists parties to achieve their goals by organizing and running effective meetings or gatherings. Using an outside facilitator allows the individuals involved to more freely express their concerns; increases productivity by keeping participants on task; and reduces tension between parties by ensuring clear communications and that all voices at the table are heard. The goals of facilitated meetings may range from exploring and discussing issues, to educating participants to gathering public input, to making recommendations or decisions, or combinations thereof. When the goal is to develop recommendations or make decisions, the facilitator works to build consensus between and among participants to develop agreements that all or most of the group support, thereby increasing the likelihood of their implementation.


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